Hello there.

I'm Emily, I live in Sydney working as an accountant, and am currently encountering my 26th year of life on Earth. I spend my waking non-working hours on the internet, practicing yoga or crossfit, cooking, photographing or reading. And wanderlusting. I don't even thing that is a real verb, but I just made it one.

A few days ago I returned from my second trip away from the shores of fair Australia-land and for some reason decided that I wanted to start a blog. I guess I just felt like I wanted a way to document and share my experiences, though I'm not really sure why I thought anyone would really care! I've only been overseas twice now, but the travel bug has well and truly bitten me - especially the SOLO travel bug. Yes, I love to travel alone. 

My first trip was in March of this year, and I regret not starting travel earlier, but I was focussed on work, study, and riding my motorbike to consider going overseas. I plan to rectify that oversight in the near future, and in the meantime plan to share my favourite travel memories and photographs, and travel inspiration including places I want to visit, things I want to do and particular cuisines I'm experimenting with as I do love to cook.

Dead Horse Gap, Australia - April 2009 
Ho Chi Minh Highway, Vietnam - March 2011

Before I travelled overseas, I did a bit of local travel too. I rode a lot of kilometres of Australian roads on my motorbike and saw some fantastic parts of eastern Australia between Brisbane and Melbourne. I've also visited Perth and Adelaide on work trips, so it's not like I never left the state. That said though, I think that nothing can beat overseas travel for the impact that it leaves you with. I think that every single travel blog says this but I guess that's because it's true - travel changes you. You learn so much, so much more than books and films can ever teach you about other people and cultures. I think we are designed to connect with people physically and it's not until you look someone in the eyes, shake their hand and (attempt) to have a conversation with them, can you really understand exactly what they are about. And that's what travel is about for me, the people. All of my greatest travel memories so far are people - their lives, their stories, what they've shared with me. I'd love to share that with you.

I hope someone other than me enjoys what I share. I would be thrilled if I could inspire someone to take that leap and make their first trip overseas. I'd love to help people find great things to see, share things I've learned and where I've found particular gems of information. And also break down the barriers to solo travel that people see - I love travelling alone and would hate for someone to miss out on an amazing cultural experience because they couldn't find a friend to go along with them. 


  1. Happy blogging. Look forward to more from you! :)

  2. Happy blogging! I look forward to all of your stories!